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Blinds in Hobart

Our blinds in Hobart

Roller Blinds

Our roller blinds are available in both block-out or sunscreen fabrics that can be installed in either a single or dual 'day-night' system. With a vast selection of fabrics available, roller blinds have proved to be one of the most popular products of the last decade, due to their simplicity and durability. Our roller blinds can be operated either by a single chain drive, 240v motorised system or battery operation for retro fits. As of February 2019 we now also offer complete voice control automation with the use of the Somfy Connexoon© and a Google Home device/Amazon Alexa.


We offer a wide range of quality curtain fabrics to suit for either block-out, or sheer curtains. With block-out curtains having fantastic insulating properties and sheer curtains being great for softening up the feel of any room, curtains are still a great way to go when furnishing your home. Our curtains are still manufactured locally with different styles of tracking also available.


Ziptrak© - Outdoor Blinds

Our Ziptrak© outdoor roller blind system ensures quality and durability relative to Tasmanian conditions. Available in either clear PVC, tinted PVC, or mesh, Ziptraks© are secured between two fixed posts and run up and down in a side-guide system with a simple lock off mechanism at the base. Ziptraks© are extremely practical in areas such as outdoor BBQ areas, Decks, Gazebos or Patios. For more information on Ziptraks©, visit their website

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a great affordable option for first home owners and are one of the best blinds in regards to practicality. Offering three modes of operation: Open, Closed and Tilted. Vertical blinds can be very handy at all times of the day with directing and blocking out sun where needed. We would not recommend these blinds in commercial, high traffic areas such as schools but can be very handy when used in the correct applications. All of our vertical tracks are still manufactured locally with our blades being outsourced from Burnie, Tasmania.


Sheer Roller Blinds

A relatively new product to the market, Sheer Roller blinds can offer a unique and modern look to your home. inspired by the original 'Day-Night' Dual roller system, the Sheer Roller uses a block-out fabric infused with a see through screen like fabric which operates in a horizontal configuration. The blinds can be set to all the way up or all the way down just as a regular roller blind, or can be set to see through or block-out with nothing more than just the flick of your wrist.

Roman Blinds

Our selection of roman blinds offer a soft and warm feel with a selection of quality fabrics to choose from. Whether a new or heritage style home, our roman blinds are now operated with a simple one touch, chain driven system, which has eliminated the need for cumbersome strings, cords and tie up cleats leaving you with a snug and neat fit. Operated similar to our chain driven roller blinds, once up, use a simple flick of the wrist to drop your blinds and walk away as it glides itself down the window. 


Venetian Blinds

Our venetian blinds are available in either aluminium or timber style properties. Our aluminium venetians are a great solution for homes or offices available in a slim, 25mm slat with our timber style venetians available in 46mm and 60mm. Our timber style venetians are made from a combination of timber and recycled plastics to giving you the exact same slick timber finish with an eco-friendly balance.

Cellular (Honeycomb) Blinds

Cellular, otherwise known as Honeycomb Blinds, are a great insulating blind that are extremely practical in older houses that may need extra insulation for retaining heat in the winter, or keeping the cool in during the warmer months. Available in either single, or double cell they offer a wide variety of colours and textures to suit your window's needs and can also be installed in either total block out or translucent fabrics. Cellular blinds are also available in what's called a 'Top Down-Bottom Up' function, which allows you to operate the blind as per usual, but also from the top of the window down, leaving the top part of your window exposed and the bottom half covered by the blind, allowing you too see your view whilst maintaining privacy at the same time.


Panel Blinds

Similar to the configuration of a sliding door, panel blinds operate on a channeled track with each portion of fabric evenly cut to cover your glass. Panel blinds are extremely practical on sliding doors as you can operate them with ease as you enter or exit through your door, simply pulling or pushing the blind out of the way as needed. The panels are often matched without roller blinds throughout the windows of the home, as they can be manufactured using the exact same fabrics, keeping the everything uniform throughout the building.

Plantation Shutters

Suitable for both inside and outside applications, our plantation shutters offer great insulation and that warm, tropical holiday feel. Available as a fixed piece, or hinged opening, the horizontal slats allow for angled light just like a venetian blind and great heat retention when in the closed position. They are great for indoor/outdoor sitting areas such as verandas or decks as they are designed to handle outdoor conditions. These shutters are manufactured to give a timber style look, although they are actually made of eco-plastic materials, this helps to prevent warping and buckling compared to the timber versions, and requires a lot less maintenance when exposed to outdoor conditions.

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